Since our doors opened in 1978, Palm Tyre has aimed to ensure you get where you need to go safely. Our team is a passionate group of people who are experts in their field and always willing to help. With a combined service of 80 years, we provide the product and services you need to keep your car on the road and dependable. We are your natural choice for all makes and sizes of tyres ranging from small passenger to extra-large commercial tyres. We offer the best quality tyres, with exceptional service at jaw-dropping prices. We are a Dunlop zone making us the leaders of the pack.
How often should I get my wheel balancing and alignment done?

Every 8000km to 10 000km

What is the legal tyre tread depth?


When should I change my tyres?

If your tyres have 1mm tread or less and when they are over age.

When should I rotate my tyres?

Every 8000km to 10 000km

Can I make an appointment?

Yes! WhatsApp us to secure your booking. 0737682199

How much does wheel alignment and balancing cost?

R250 for passenger vehicles
R300 for SUV and commercial
R50 per wheel for balancing

Can you help me during loadshedding?

Yes! We have no downtime. We have a generator.